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Google Books Library

View some text books from the Library.

Mechanics for A-level - Bostock & Chandler

Mechanics for Advanced Level
by Bostock & Chandler


mechanics - by Adams,Haighton & Trim

Mechanics: Core Book
by Adams, Haighton & Trim


pure maths - martin,brown,rigby,riley

Pure Mathematics
by Martin,Brown,Rigby & Riley


A Concise Course in Statistics by Crawshaw & Chambers

An Advanced Course in Statistics
by Crawshaw & Chambers


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Introducing the A-level Maths Tutor Google Books Library. Here you can view large chunks of maths textbooks within this site as part of their preview.

This is a major resource that will help your revision. If you need to view more worked examples for a particular topic or look at a topic again from a different perspective, then your time here will be well spent.

The library is still in its infancy, with only a handful of books at present. However as time passes it will grow into a major resource in its own right.





1. what is A-level Maths Tutor?

A-level Maths Tutor is an on-line resource for students to improve their maths skills by reading A-level content and watching videos on specific maths topics.

2. what are 'exam versions'?

Because of copyright law, actual exam papers cannot be used. To get around this problem 'versions' of exam papers are produced. These are the questions rewritten but retaining the level of difficulty and National Curriculum content of the originals.

3. what is a PDF file?

This is a text file widely used on the internet for formatted documents. PDF files can be read using an Adobe Acrobat Reader. The program is free to download from the site at . The reader is usually bundled under 'utilities' on free disks from computer magazines

4. which exam boards do you cater for?

Edexcel is used as the model for all the questions. This is because it is the most popular. There is really not a great deal of difference between the exam boards simply because they must by law test the National Curriculum on mathematics. This must be done fairly and consistently.

5. are there any plans for other A-level web sites?

Yes, A-level physics. Look out for 'A-level Physics Tutor'. A limited launch is scheduled for Sept. 2009, with the site up to full steam by December2010. can I contact A-level Maths Tutor to ask a question?

Simply go to the 'contact' page and use the form, or email direct at:


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